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Diane Coffee Tour 2023

The Diane Coffee tickets are available.

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Diane Coffee Tickets 2023

    Diane Coffee VIP Packages 2023

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      About Diane Coffee

      Diane Coffee is the stage name of musician and actor Shaun Fleming from Bloomington, Indiana, United States. Diane Coffee released his debut LP My Friend Fish on October 29, 2013, via record label Western Vinyl.

      Fleming, childhood friend of the experiment rock duo Foxygen, joined the group as the live drummer, beginning with tours promoting the band's "We Are The Twenty First Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic". 2012, Fleming left Agoura Hills for New York and while still touring with Foxygen, began writing and recording what would become the debut Diane Coffee LP My Friend Fish. Though his means were limited (recording a makeshift drum set with his iPhone voice memo app, using detuned guitars in lieu of a bass), he was able to complete the album in just shy of two weeks.

      The live band behind the 2013-2014 My Friend Fish tours usually consisted of Joey Lefitz on drums, Jared Walker on guitar, Emily Panic on bass, and Steve Okonski on Keys. One 2014 tour featured Spencer Klein on drums.

      In the spring of 2019 Fleming released Internet Arms on Polyvinyl and subsequently toured the U.S. His touring band for the summer of 2019 featured Sam Bryson on drums, Kyle Paul on guitar, Aidan Epstein on bass, and Matt Romy on keyboards.